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Light is something we often take for granted when we flip a switch. With the new smart bulbs on the market you can achieve much more than standard room lighting. Upgrade your lights to smart bulbs that can save you time, allow you to change the entire mood of a room with the choice of millions of colors, and set a schedule to turn on/off individual lights at a specific time of day.

Control your light with Sunco Lighting smart bulbs via your smart phone or tablet and our user friendly Smart Life App over WiFi with no hub required. If you prefer voice activated control, connect Sunco LED smart bulbs to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

WiFi Smart Bulb tech has been around for a bit, but smart bulbs have expanded greatly in capability since they wowed everyone at their debut. Sunco smart bulbs offer more with customization control over nearly every aspect of your light. We also provide you with quality customer assistance and a 5-year warranty.

With Sunco smart bulbs, you can control:

Color Temperature     Set your room tone from daylight white to warm or cool temps

Color Selection            Choose from over 16 million colors!

Music Sync                  Match color changes to the beat of music

Create a Schedule       Adjust each smart bulb separately to specify the lighting you need when you need it

Set the Scene               Create your own settings for movie nights and candlelit dinners or choose from existing scenes

Smart Bulb Types

Sunco Lighting offers seven types of LED smart bulbs for indoor and outdoor applications. Explore each type of smart bulb technology available, including technical specs, on our product pages:

Smart Life App for Remote Control

Once you download and install the Smart Life App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, you can easily control Sunco Smart Bulbs using voice commands or remotely over WiFi with no hub required. The user-friendly app pairs with compatible smart phones or tablets.

The app allows you to control your smart bulb remotely, schedule your light to automatically turn light bulbs on/off at any time of day, customize color choice and color temperature, and set the scene with pre-existing scenes for a variety of moods or to create your own.

Voice-Activated with Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Do you use Alexa and Google at home on a regular basis? You’ll be happy to learn that Sunco LED Smart Bulbs can be voice-activated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Now you can tell your lights what to do and have them change your lighting on command. Get ready to say “OK Google” and “Alexa…” a lot, as you play with all the lighting options available with these smart bulbs.

So, what are our smart bulb setting options? We’re glad you asked.

Color Temperature & Color Selection

The beauty of Sunco Smart Bulbs is the ability to tune your color temperature to suit a mood or the type of ambiance or productivity you want in a room. Most of the time, you may set your home or office LED Smart Bulbs to a standard white. Having options in color selection and color temperature expands your decorating options.

Choose between 16 million color settings on your smart bulbs to accent walls, define an area, or display your favorite team colors for the big game. Works great when adjusting lights for holiday celebrations or kid’s favorite color on their birthday, too. Prefer to adjust color temperature instead? We can do that.

Sunco Smart Bulbs will tune from 2700K-5000K. The light appearance will change from a warm amber to white to cool blue, as you scroll through the color temperature range available to you.

Here are some looks you can achieve when you adjust color temperature:

Warm Amber or Soft Light (2700K-3000K) – delivers a relaxing atmosphere in your living room, recessed lighting, or bedside table lamps. This light setting appears visually in a range of orange or yellow/white tones.

Cool White (4000K) – achieves a neutral white with a tinge of blue. People often call this bright white. This temperature range up to 4500K is the setting most often used in office environments, and it works well in residential kitchens and home offices.

Daylight (5000K) – offers a bluer tone. It is ideal for task lighting, security purposes, garages, and any retail display areas.

If you want to know more about color temperature, Kelvin, and other lighting-related topics, visit Lighting 101 in our Support section.

Pump Up the Volume with Music Sync

Only a select few LED smart bulbs on the market offer high-tech music synchronization options where your light can change color to the music beat. Each of our smart bulbs can animate in rhythm with the music you play or your video game audio broadcast in the same room. The music sync function is ideal for a party setting or a game night, unless you want to celebrate a Thursday in pulsing red, just because. Hey, they are your lights.

For best results when using the music sync setting, keep your phone in the room near the audio source and the app open.

Schedule Your Lighting

No more clicking switches on and off as you enter and leave may sound like SciFi fantasy, but we are living in that world now. When you want to define every aspect of your lights, it also makes sense to set what time a light will go on/off. These smart bulbs allow you to set a schedule for each light, which will help with your home security or provide office lighting when you open your doors at the same time every day.

Set the Scene

Once you define a light scene you can save your favorites to use them later. Programmable scenes can be created and defined when paired with the app. Preset scenes are also available, in case you want to quickly define your light selection.

With all the options available to you with Sunco Smart Bulbs, you will enjoy the ability to customize your lighting throughout your home or office. Our helpful Customer Service team is ready to assist you with connectivity and other questions regarding our smart bulb line.

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