New Product: BR30 LED Bulb with Selectable CCT
Easily change color temperature with a switch on this bulb. Choose warm to cool light color temperatures to suit your space.
How does a Yellow Bug Light Work to Keep Bugs Away?
Bugs are attracted to lights at night. Can yellow bug light bulbs really deter bugs so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces or invite fewer insects to your lit doorways? Learn about bug light functionality in this blog.
Sunco Cares Charitable Contribution Q1 2021
Our Sunco Cares initiative includes regular donations to worldwide conservation organizations and local charities. For Q1 2021, Sunco donated to combat energy poverty, promote eco-consciousness, and help local families and individuals experiencing homelessness.
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Your LED purchase not only helps you conserve energy, additionally it supports a larger green initiative at home and abroad. Sunco makes charitable donations throughout the year to worthy conservation organizations.