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Celebrating Sunco's Ten Year Anniversary

Celebrating Sunco's Ten Year Anniversary

“Sunco will be the leader in lighting in e-commerce in 10 years. Period.”   The above quote is from Simon Tahour, the CEO of Sunco....
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NYC Underground is Getting an Upgrade

NYC Underground is Getting an Upgrade

The NYC underground has a rep for being smelly, unsafe, and dirty, so even the smallest improvements can have a profound impact. We can pray...
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Construction Costs are Rising

Construction Costs are Rising

One of the most pressing concerns facing built environment professionals within the last five years or so is the escalating costs of construction. It might...
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About Sunco

Sunco is dedicated to illuminating the future by providing innovative lighting and electrical solutions through our streamlined e-commerce platform. We strive to empower both consumers and professionals, including electricians and contractors, with access to a wide range of high-quality products at the lowest possible prices. By cutting through the complexities of traditional supply chains, we bring operational excellence to the forefront of our industry.

Our core values of affordability, quality, and unmatched service drive us to be the preferred online destination for lighting and electrical supplies.

At Sunco, we are committed to leading the way in transforming the marketplace, ensuring that every customer experience shines brighter


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