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New Product: BR30 LED Bulb with Selectable CCT

New Product: BR30 LED Bulb with Selectable CCT

Easily change color temperature with a switch on this bulb. Choose warm to cool light color temperatures to suit your space.
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How does a Yellow Bug Light Work to Keep Bugs Away?

How does a Yellow Bug Light Work to Keep Bugs Away?

Bugs are attracted to lights at night. Can yellow bug light bulbs really deter bugs so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces or invite fewer...
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Sunco Cares Charitable Contribution Q1 2021

Sunco Cares Charitable Contribution Q1 2021

Our Sunco Cares initiative includes regular donations to worldwide conservation organizations and local charities. For Q1 2021, Sunco donated to combat energy poverty, promote eco-consciousness,...
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About Sunco

Sunco Lighting started with a simple idea: to combine the energy-saving benefits of LED with durable materials, install-friendly designs, and exceptional brightness. Since then, Sunco has become known for its leading warranties, versatile products, and high standards for performance and safety. Headquartered in Valencia, California, Sunco has quickly grown from a small company offering a few LED products to a leader in Residential Lighting and Commercial Lighting solutions, with industry-leading warranties of up to 9 years.

We offer a wide selection of lighting products, including basic LED bulbs, energy-efficient LED tubes, best-selling recessed LED lights, LED integrated shop lights, commercial grade LED high bays, outdoor wall packs, Dusk to Dawn shoeboxes, sleek profile LED panels, full spectrum grow lights, and innovative LED Smart Lights.


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