Area Lights

Sunco offers easy install LED area lights to fill large spaces with bright light. Explore our LED Flood Lights, LED Shoebox Lights, LED High Bays, and LED Wall Packs for long lasting light fixtures to upgrade your lighting. Several have Dusk to Dawn sensors for automated lighting without a timer. These integrated LED fixtures are wet rated, withstand temperature extremes, and offer great heat dissipation and high lumen counts. Ideal for stadiums, gymnasiums, retail warehouses, parking lots, storage spaces, and sports fields.
Sunco LED Wall Pack 80W is IP65 rated for outdoor wet areas. Easy to install. Includes a prismatic cover to spread bright 7600 lumens in a wide light beam. With a 10-year warranty, 120/277V, and 50,000 hours lifetime this LED light fixture is appropriate for all commercial applications. Use it for your docking bays, side alleys, landscape walkways, driveways, storage units, garden paths, retail entrances, and other places where you need bright, reliable light.

LED Wall Pack, 80W

Sunco Lighting

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IP65 rated for bright (7600lm) outdoor light. Quick install. 400W equivalent.

Sunco LED Wall Pack 120W features a bright 12,000 lumens of light for security or exterior flood lights on your warehouse, work place, parking lot, garage, walkway or alley. Wet rated, it is suitable for exterior lighting applications. Provides a long-lasting, bright light outside and can withstand temperatures down to 4-degrees Fahrenheit. Has a 50,000 hour lifespan and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

LED Wall Pack, 120W

Sunco Lighting

 800W equivalent. Waterproof fixture for exterior, very bright (12,000lm) light.