We combine the energy-saving benefits of LED with durable materials, install-friendly designs, and exceptional brightness. Sunco is known for its leading warranties, versatile products, and high standards for performance and safety. Find you best Residential Lighting and Commercial Lighting solutions, with industry-leading warranties of up to 9 years.

We offer a wide selection of lighting products, including basic LED bulbs, energy-efficient LED tubes, best-selling recessed LED lights, LED integrated shop lights, commercial grade LED high bays, outdoor wall packs, Dusk to Dawn shoeboxes, sleek profile LED panels, full spectrum grow lights, and innovative LED Smart Lights.

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Customer Reviews

Affordable and Elegant

After several installations of recessed lights using Sunco back to back I can say it's products are top quality. I haven't got no call backs from customers and i have been installing this product since 2017...Light of the world electric.
Raul m.

Excellent Light!

Added lights to newly purchased home... These are EXACTLY what the builder used, and they are EASY to install and produce excellent light!
Mark W.

A Very Satisfied Customer!

We're in the construction business. We used to install flood lights around the exterior of houses, but a few years ago we decided to try something different. We installed the recessed LED lighting to the under eaves. They were beautiful! The homeowners love the outside recessed lighting and we love the price.
Katie G.


For less than the cost of a single replacement tube, I was able replace a fixture that now shines brighter than the remaining 5 combined.

So Sleek and Attractive

I'm doing some upgrades in the bathroom and this vanity light was suggested by our contractor. It is nice and bright, slim and simple.
Lisa Q.

The Best!

The light from these LEDs throughout the house is transforming. Inviting warm white light. Exactly what I’d hoped for.
Lynne S.


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