Benefits of LED Dusk to Dawn Light Fixtures


Convert your outdoor lights to Sunco Dusk-to-Dawn LED bulbs so you can automatically turn on lighting at night. No light timer is required with Sunco Dusk to Dawn LED lights, because our bulbs include a high tech photocell sensor that detects light levels and turns on light when it gets dark, then turns it off again when light is detected. The convenience of automatic lighting at night is only the start of why Dusk to Dawn LEDs included in your exterior residential lighting design, or your outdoor commercial lighting fixtures, will grant you peace of mind at your home or office.

In addition to a great outdoor lighting solution for nighttime light, the switch from traditional lights to LED bulbs with convenient Dusk to Dawn light improves security and safety, provides bright illumination, and can both save you time and reduce electric costs.


Improve Security Outside

Summertime brings longer daylight hours and the need for increased security at home as you spend more time outdoors and potentially return to an unattended dark house, which can attract thieves. Instead, add a crime deterrent with Dusk to Dawn light bulbs installed in your front yard, or on garage or porch. You can even add Sunco ST64 LED Bulbs to your string lights to create a bare filament vintage look with the added comfort of Dusk-to-Dawn lighting in your backyard patio or commercial restaurant courtyard. It will also add peace of mind when you arrive home to find your house exterior is illuminated with bright, outdoor light fixtures.

As the fall progresses and the twilight arrives earlier, we tend to leave work in the dark. To protect employees and deter crime, add commercial lighting LED 3 Head Security Light near exit doors, on walkway walls, parking lot exteriors or near your warehouse loading dock. You can also stay more productive into evening hours with automatic LED lighting. The Sunco Dusk to Dawn set it and forget it advantage frees you up to keep working at night, without stopping to turn on the lights for added security.

Sunco offers IP65 wet rated LED light bulbs with D2D capabilities to use in all your outdoor lighting applications where waterproof lights are a must.

For covered lighting at home that only needs to be damp rated and not waterproof, add the A19 LED Dusk to Dawn Bulb to your porch lighting or front entry. Sunco also offers an LED Bug Light line, which features a yellow hue bulb to naturally keep bugs away and avoid using pesticides. The A19 LED Bulb, Yellow Bug Light with Dusk-to-Dawn capabilities is the ideal solution to a pleasant entryway with warm lighting on your front porch. Using D2D, when the sun goes down your lights will come up and welcome you home safe with bright LED lights.


Bright Exterior Lighting

Switching to LED bulbs in your exterior lighting fixtures also delivers bright outside lighting for added safety and the elimination of dark exterior areas at your residential space or office building.

When selecting LED lighting, remember that color temperature and lumens are different things. Only lumens affect the brightness of a light; Kelvin color temperature refers to light quality. Get a quick overview of lighting terms and the difference between lumens and color temperature in the Light Quality blog post.

While spotlights and garden up lights are helpful from an artistic standpoint, like the Sunco Solar Path Lights that add 6-8 hours of sun powered lighting at night, an all night light outside provides for safe walkways at work or home. Dusk-to-Dawn LED light bulbs are non-dimmable to retain all the bright light you require for safety and security.

The weatherproof Dusk-to-Dawn LED 3 Head Security Light, Dusk to Dawn with Motion Sensor provides sunlight quality lighting in a 5000K Daylight color temperature with 3600 lumens, one of the brightest LED lights available at Sunco. Ideal for building exterior walls, helps save you time and relamping costs. It is also energy efficient and can save you money on your electric bill.


Basement & Garage Safety Lighting

Work in basements, garages, and storage facilities often requires carrying items into the space, which means your hands are not free to turn on the lights. Adding a Dusk-to-Dawn LED light bulb, like the PAR38 LED Bulb Dusk to Dawn Motion Activated light, means that the lights will automatically recognize movement and automatically turn on the light. Sunco motion activated lights use a PIR sensor, which stands for passive infrared. Typically, a PIR sensor detects motion of people and pets due to their heat signature.

The PAR38 LED bulb light includes a PIR sensor to detect motion within 6ft distance. The light remains on for 25 seconds after movement has stopped to allow you time to safely enter or leave a space while carrying items, without having to set down what you are carrying to turn on a light.


Energy Conservation & Time-Saving High Tech Lights

Once you switch to LED in your outdoor lighting, you will reduce energy consumption. Sunco LED light bulbs consume less power and provide a significant savings in your electric bills than traditional bulbs. The PAR-Series LED Bulbs provide an energy savings of up to 85%.

Also note that Sunco provides you an industry leading warranty on our FCC and UL certified LED lights, including the PAR D2D series and the A19 Dusk to Dawn LED Bulb.

Not only is it convenient to automatically turn lights on/off with the sun setting and rising, Sunco LED light bulbs do not need a high tech app or timer to remote control your light and turn it on at night. The high tech and built-in photocell sensor does all the work for you. Talk about saving time! All you have to do is install our LEDs in your outdoor residential lighting or commercial lighting fixtures.

Make the switch from exterior traditional light bulbs to Dusk to Dawn LED light bulbs for an automatic light offering security and safety, while you also save money and time. Contact our Customer Service Team with additional questions about these products.

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