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At Sunco Lighting we continually strive to bring our customers the latest LED lighting technology to improve your home and office. Each month, you will discover new products added to the inventory and available for purchase at and on our various marketplaces.

Here are the latest additions to the Sunco LED light offerings:


Smart Bulbs

With seven styles of LED smart bulbs to choose from, Sunco offers the control you need over your lighting at work or home. Simply pair the smart bulbs below with WiFi, your compatible iOS or Android smart phone, and the Smart Life App, to place lighting control in your hands. You can also voice activate these smart bulbs via your Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Our smart bulbs provide control of color temperature (tune from 2700K-5000K for warm to daylight to cool white), color selection with over 16 million color choices, the ability to schedule individual lights to turn on/off at set times, or you can set the scene with pre-existing light settings or design your own unique look. You can also sync your lights to the beat of music with your smart phone.

Sunco Lighting Smart Bulbs:

Sunco also staffs a team of helpful Customer Service people to assist you with connectivity and other questions regarding the high-tech smart bulbs and other lights in our product lines.


ST64 LED Filament Bulb, Dusk to Dawn

A perfect blend of vintage style and LED tech. Rock your best steampunk clothes or just admire the retro look of these modern versions of the Edison light bulb as they light up when the sun goes down. The ST64 LED Bulb, Filament, Dusk to Dawn features a clear glass bulb with a durable LED filament inside. With Dusk-to-Dawn (D2D) technology, these vintage bulbs will automatically illuminate at night to brighten your restaurant patio, home balcony, or yard.

Wet rated for outdoor use, these dimmable bulbs will turn on in the absence of light, then turn off again when light returns. ST64 LEDs come with a 5-year warranty. Just set it and forget it.

There is no need for a timer or other technology. It looks like magic when the photocell sensor does its work, yet the real magic is your energy savings. At $0.11 per kWh, 8.5W bulbs use $14 of electricity over a 15,000 hour life, providing you $85 savings, when compared to the $99 required to run a 60W halogen lamp.


A15 LED Bug Light

Sunco found yet another light to improve your lifestyle. Avoid pesky insects when you use this A15 LED Bulb Yellow Bug Light. Dimmable and versatile, this UL Certified A15 bulb provides warm light (2000K, 480LM) for your outdoor space with the added benefit of no annoying flies and bugs attracted to your necessary outdoor lights.

Minimize your threat of bug bites on your restaurant guests or family and friends when you insert these long-lasting (10,000 hour) bulbs into your string lights, lamps, or exterior lights. These lights can deter bugs from your doorways and living spaces without the use of harmful chemicals.

The warm tone of these bulbs can also be used to help you wind down after a long day starring at a blue screen.


Red/Blue Spectrum Grow Light

Promote growth of your indoor plants with the blue/red spectrum light plants require with these LED Grow Lights. Ideal for growing any type of plant year-round – regardless of the weather – the Sunco Grow Light offers you control over the growing season. These Grow Lights provide the light spectrum bands your plants need whether it is sweltering or snowing.

Plants require a red/blue spectrum for ideal growth conditions, which is why Sunco Grow Lights include that combination. Plants will absorb the red and blue spectrum of white light and reflect the green away. What the human eye perceives is reflected light. That is why most plants look green.

Blue light increases chlorophyll to promote strong leaves and stems. Red light is important throughout a plant’s life as it germinates seeds, grows roots, and promotes flowering and fruit production.

Some key things to note about the Sunco Grow Light:

  • No ballast is required
  • Link up to (4) lights on a single power source
  • Choose to direct mount or chain mount the shop light style fixture


Wraparound Shop Lights

The Wraparound Shop Lights now available from Sunco are designed to affix a shop light directly to a wall or ceiling for a seamless and minimalist look that avoids chains and loose wires. Flush-mounted shop lights are ideal for medical facilities, work or school hallways or classrooms, and other office applications where you want to maintain a clean line and still have the benefit of bright lighting.

The hardwired light fixture includes a diffuser to further spread the bright light (5000K, 3,500LM) where you need it. These Wraparound Shop Lights feature a durable steel frame and an integrated LED with a 50,000 hour lifespan, so you can avoid time-wasting bulb changes of fluorescent tubes.

Like the Grow Light, Wraparound Shop Lights are linkable. You can daisy-chain up to (4) shop lights on a single power source.


Explore the linked pages above for more details on our new products or contact Customer Service with specific questions to solve your unique lighting needs.



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