Real World Examples of Color Temperatures


Choosing the right color temperature to suit each lighting application means understanding light appearance. Each warm or cool color offers a different look and feel. When deciding upon a Sunco color temperature, we recommend a review of real world examples that are similar in appearance.

This chart will help you understand where Sunco color temperatures fit inside real life experiences.

Let’s examine the color temperatures by beginning with warm colors and moving to cooler color temperatures.

Sunco 2000K Warm Amber Glow

Our 2000K LEDs offer a cozy and warm color that is close to the nature of a candle flame (1850K-2200K). This Sunco color temperature is the most red/amber in appearance in our lineup.

  • Description: Warm Amber Glow
  • Applications: Decorative
  • Best Suited for: Night lights or chandeliers
  • Light Appearance: Red – cozy, warm

Sunco 2200K Amber Glow

Our 22000K LEDs provide an intimate and warm color. This is close to the quality of morning sunlight or the red/amber portion of a candle frame.

  • Description: Amber Glow
  • Applications: Decorative
  • Best Suited for: Candlelight or chandeliers
  • Light Appearance: Red – intimate, warm

Sunco 2700K Soft White

Our 2700K LEDs feature a relaxing, calming, and inviting tone. This color temperature is the most vintage style color in our lineup. It appears close to a traditional incandescent bulb. That is why our filament bulbs all include this color temperature to match the popular retro look of vintage bulbs.

  • Description: Soft White
  • Applications: Home Décor with wood accents. General living spaces, such as dining room, family room, bedroom, bathroom, restaurant, bar, café, lounge or for use in pendant lamps, table lamps, or floor lamps. Great for adding atmosphere in wall sconces, too. Also suits ambient lighting and helps create or enhance a room’s vintage look and feel.
  • Best Suited for: Entertaining and relaxing in comfortable environments
  • Light Appearance: Orange – relaxing, calming, inviting, vintage

Sunco 3000K Warm White

Similar in style to a Halogen bulb, and slightly warmer than a Tungsten bulb, the Sunco 3000K color temperature delivers a calm, friendly, and inviting warm color. This light is closest to a yellow/white look.

  • Description: Warm White
  • Applications: General living spaces, such as home office, garage, work area, basement, classroom, lobby, residential kitchen, restaurant, bathroom, or for use in pendant lamps, table lamps, or floor lamps. Also ideal for ambient lighting and wall sconces.
  • Best Suited for: Neutral lighting, comparable to a standard incandescent bulb
  • Light Appearance: Yellow – calming, friendly, inviting

Sunco 4000K Cool White

4000K is a bright, clean, white color that can invoke a precise or vibrant feel to a room. 4000K-4150K is the color temperature range of moonlight.

  • Description: Cool White
  • Applications: Home décor modern design. General living spaces, such as work area, garage, basement, classroom, office task lighting, residential kitchen, restaurant, and for home tasking lighting in a pantry or closet.
  • Best Suited for: Task lighting and bright environments.
  • Light Appearance: White – bright, clean, precise, vibrant

Sunco 5000K Daylight

One of our most popular color temperatures, Sunco’s 5000K color is similar to the midday sun and the cool color of some Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs). It gives off a crisp and invigorating tone, but without the greenish tinge associated with a fluorescent

  • Description: Daylight
  • Applications: Office and home task lighting for use in an office, work area, commercial kitchen, bathroom, retail changing room, display area, workshop, factory, and hospital.
  • Best Suited for: Places where high detail is required, such as for reading or where accurate color rendering makes a difference on clothing, goods, or food
  • Light Appearance: Blue – crisp, invigorating

Sunco 5500K Daylight Glow

Similar to Daylight, but slightly cooler in style, the energizing 5500K Daylight Glow is also comparable to midday sun (5000K-6000K).

  • Description: Daylight Glow
  • Applications: Indoor and outdoor lighting for a parking lot, display area, retail, and commercial/industrial space.
  • Best Suited for: Exteriors and indoor commercial spaces
  • Light Appearance: Blue – energizing

Sunco 6500K Daylight Deluxe

Alert and intense in nature, the Sunco 6500K color temperature is a cool tone that equates to daylight on an overcast day. While we show it as blue in our color charts, 6500K has blue tinges in it like silver does, rather than a solid blue color.

  • Description: Daylight Deluxe
  • Applications: Indoor and outdoor lighting for security, retail, display, street lighting, a laundry space, large industrial area, warehouse, and large commercial space.
  • Best Suited for: Full illumination
  • Light Appearance: Silver – Alert, Intense

Sunco 7000K Diamond White

The coolest color temperature in Sunco’s lineup is 7000K, which is an intense and brilliant color with a silver light.

  • Description: Diamond White
  • Applications: Indoor and outdoor lighting such as for security, street lighting large industrial area, warehouse, auto body shop, and large commercial space.
  • Best Suited for: Safety & full illumination
  • Light Appearance: Silver – Intense, brilliant


NOTE: Please consider the examples in this Real World Examples of Color Temperature chart as characteristic in nature. Variations may occur due to weather or other conditions.

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