New Products: Linear High Bay & Occupancy Sensor Accessory


Our new 2ft Linear High Bays offer a fast install with low wattage LEDs and high lumen counts. They make great area lights for high ceiling, large spaces with their instant on lighting and long lifespans of 50,000 hours.

Choose from three styles:

110W = 400W equivalent with 15,400 lumens
160W = 600W equivalent with 22,400 lumens
220W = 800W equivalent with 30,800 lumens



Fast Installation

Sunco Linear High Bays include V hooks and hanging chains to quickly mount these hardwired fixtures in indoor settings. Our installation manual walks you through the easy install process. Very soon, we will launch our How To Install videos on our YouTube channel to further help you with the installation process.

Alternate mounting styles for these damp rated light fixtures include conduit mount or surface mount when you add separate accessories. There are many other reasons to add this light to your industrial or commercial space.


Why Choose a Linear High Bay instead of a round HID fixture?

LED Linear High Bays are versatile area lights for large commercial and industrial spaces. They run cooler and also lower your power consumption when compared to traditional HID fixtures.

Linear High Bays suit applications such these large indoor spaces with high ceilings: warehouses, airports, factories, grocery stores, gymnasiums, big box stores, storage unit hallways, and large wine cellars.

When you add an LED linear fixture, the 110° wide beam angle delivers a uniform light suited for long warehouse aisles or large workspaces. Ours are also low to maintain since the integrated LED doesn’t need to be replaced during the lifetime of the fixture. That means less work and costs for your maintenance team.

There are also versatile features, such as the ability to add an occupancy sensor or to dim warehouse lighting to lower levels.


1-10V Dimming

Utilizing a scaled intensity of lamp output allows you to better control your light quality and adjust each fixture to suit its placement in your space. Simply connect these Linear High Bays to a compatible dimmer using the included wiring (DIM-, DIM+) to dim your area light with 1-10V dimming.

Learn more about this type of dimming in our helpful blog.

Of course, you might not want to dim it once you see the high lumen counts of these fixtures. The 220W Linear High Bay offers a whopping 30,800 lumens of bright, instant on light to boost your area lighting.


More Features of our Linear High Bay

Here is a product flyer for our Linear High Bay and its occupancy sensor accessory to learn more about the features of these commercial grade lighting products.

There are many reasons you might want to add a sensor to your high bays, too.

Benefits of Occupancy Sensors

Increase your energy savings and adjust motion sensor settings to suit your needs when you add the Microwave Motion Sensor to our LED Linear High Bays.

Benefits include:

  • Lights that Reduce Energy Use – Only turn on the light when someone is nearby with the motion activated sensor. This automated lighting can reduce your wattage consumption and may lower power bills.
  • Added Security & Movement Detection – Detect movement after hours to increase security in a warehouse, workshop, gymnasium, retail store or industrial space.
  • Increase Safety – Need the light on in a dark warehouse when you are carrying things or operating a forklift? No need to stop what you’re doing and locate a light switch. This accessory automates warehouse lighting. When the sensor detects movement, the light turns on. It’s that simple.
  • Easily Adjust Settings – Choose the sensitivity, time, and lux settings that suit how each light will be used.


How to Adjust DIP Switch Settings for Linear High Bay Motion Sensor

DIP Switches are located inside a flap on the side of our Microwave Sensor for Linear High Bays to adjust your light. Refer to the Setting DIP Switch Parameters section in our installation manual to easily customize your settings.

Adjustable settings include:

  • Sensitivity / Detection (20% to 100%) to reduces sensitivity or the motion sensor.
  • Hold Time to change how long the light stays on (from 10 seconds up to 15 minutes). Any detected movement will restart the timer.
  • Lux Control to adjust how much light is emitted. Settings include from 10 Lux to 50 Lux. You can also choose a disabled setting for no motion activation.
  • Standby Light Level is an excellent tool for warehouses or little used spaces where you want some light on constantly yet don’t require full brightness. This setting is adjustable from 0-50% and works with the Standby Time setting.
  • Standby Time works in concert with the Standby Light Level. Allows you to change to a standby setting when no movement is detected but limits how long the light remains lit. Adjust setting up to 60 minutes long.


Have more questions about these products? There are quite a few helpful answers in our Product FAQs page. Don’t forget to check out our Product Flyer for more details.

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