New Product: Slim with Selectable CCT


Sunco’s newest Wafer Thin Slim downlight offers you control over the color temperature with Selectable CCT. These recessed lights fit inside narrow ceilings and install quickly with their included junction box. Select from 5 CCTs during installation to choose the right white light for your space.

What is CCT and why do I want different color temperatures?

CCT is an abbreviation for Correlated Color Temperature. It is how the lighting industry discusses the scale of warm to cool light that makes up the Kelvin scale (which we use to measure color temperature).

Selectable white light lets you control a room’s atmosphere. Cool temperatures for task lighting and warmer temperatures for welcoming and calm spaces.
If you don’t know what light quality you want or need, you may want to check out our Real World Examples of Color Temperatures blog. It shows you comparisons of Kelvin scale temperatures to what you might see in the world around you. You can also learn more about Kelvin and color temperature in our Lighting 101 section.

Controlling light quality gives you the ability to establish the look of a room. 

Control Color Temperature of Recessed Light

Each room of your home or office needs a different light quality to suit the way you use your space. These Slim recessed lights offer 5 color temperatures to adjust lighting the way you need: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K.
Lighting manufacturers like Sunco refer to this kind of adjustable lighting as “Selectable CCT” or “Tunable White” since the switch between color temperatures adjusts a light’s quality. When you tune a light, you shift the color temperature to a warmer or cooler color.

To choose a color temperature, slide the slider switch on our Selectable CCT during the installation process. This way you can test each color temperature to see which one works best for that particular light and room.

You can also choose from different size options:




Fast Install with All In One Package


Sunco Slim lights install quickly in completed ceilings without the need for a recessed can or can housing. They include a junction box and wiring between the integrated LED and the j-box.

Spring-loaded brackets hold the low profile LED Slim in place in your ceiling. Follow the easy install manual with a few simple steps to insert the Sunco Slim in your finished ceiling.

IC Rated & Wafer Thin for Narrow Ceilings

These slims are IC rated for fire safety and do not require a can.

You can place these ultra slim downlights in ceiling spaces with only 2” of clearance. Our Slims fit around and under joists so you can place the light right where you need it.

Smooth Dimming

Dimming allows you to control the look and feel of your room’s light quality above and beyond the ability to change color temperature. Smoothly dim your recessed light from 10% to 100% with the dimming capabilities build into our light by adding a compatible dimmer.

Dimmable recessed lighting like these low profile downlights work well in multi-use spaces like live/work rooms in your home or living rooms where you might need to dim the lights to watch a movie or kick back with your family.
Offices and commercial spaces also require dimming to reduce harsh lighting for multimedia presentations in a conference room or meeting space, happy hour in a restaurant or bar, and adjustable lighting in hotel rooms.

Add a dimmer by referencing our compatible dimmer list that is available on the product page or in our Manuals & Documentation page. You can also check out the other recessed lighting Sunco offers there or in our Recessed Lighting collection.

Coming Soon…

Our 3” Slim with Selectable CCT will be arriving later this spring.

Wafer Thin Slims not your thing? We have more selectable color temperature products on their way. If you aren’t signed up already, be sure to add your email to our newsletter (it’s in the footer) for updates on our latest products.

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