New Product: Alta Vanity Light with Tunable White


We are pleased to announce our newest product with tunable white capabilities:

Alta Modern Bar Tunable White Vanity Light
Control CCT with the flip of your light switch

Sunco’s Alta Vanity Light allows you to easily tune your white light quality with the choice of three color temperatures. Once your light fixture is installed, you can tune your lighting to suit the mood of your room by using your light switch.

This integrated LED light fixture is easily installed with our simple install manual.

What is “Tunable” on the Alta Modern Bar LED Vanity?

Tuning allows you to change the warm vs. cool quality of a light to create the kind of white light you want and need at your bathroom vanity sink or makeup mirror. This Sunco fixture lets you do that with the flip of a switch.

“Tunable White” refers to the color temperature choice you have on the Alta Modern Bar LED Vanity light fixture. You can choose from:

  • 3000K Warm White
  • 4000K Cool White
  • 5000K Daylight

Each color temperature provides a different light quality. Choose 3000K for a warmer, more inviting light. If you are looking for task lighting for your morning routine, use 5000K for a white light that is closest to the quality of sunlight. 4000K is the in between setting for a cool white quality.

Not only does this high tech light fixture include the ability to change color temperatures and tunable white light, it also offers a few benefits as an LED.

Reduce tube replacement with an integrated LED

With integrated LEDs, the LED is included as part of the light fixture. You will not need to relamp an integrated light fixture during its lifetime.

If you were using several incandescent or Halogen bulbs above a bathroom sink previously, you probably changed it out every 1,000 hours. Even with energy saving Halogens on the market the bulb will need replacing every 2,000 hours. In contrast, this integrated LED fixture offers a 50,000 hour life cycle.

Not only does that reduce maintenance cost, but it can also reduce your wattage consumption over time since this fixture only consumes 15W. Seems like a solution you can use at your home, hotel, or other commercial space where low maintenance and low wattage vanity lights are needed and adaptability is required.


Lighting Applications & Adjustability

The Sunco Alta Modern Bar LED Vanity Light with Tunable White capabilities is a damp rated light suitable for use in a bathroom above a vanity sink, at a makeup table, on a side counter for hair styling or electric shaving.

You can also use this in dry rated rooms at makeup or dresser areas where you want flattering light to complete your morning routine. These lights also work well in small desk nooks where there is no room for a table lamp or you want to adjust the light quality, depending how the space will be used.

Once you install the vanity light, adjust the lamp head position to suit each unique space. Rotate the bar lamp head up to 90° to move the light beam up and down, depending on where you need it to point. This swiveling lamp head is easy to change to reposition the light where you need it most. For best results, use two hands to grasp the lamp bar, then gently tilt the bar up or down (up to 90°) to move the light position.

You can also adjust the position of the vanity light linear bar to move the LED portion away from or closer to the wall with the telescoping arms. Here’s how:

  1. Simply loosen the caps on each of the stainless steel arms by twisting them clockwise.
  2. Move the lamp head away from the light canopy to extend the arms. Too far? Push the lamp head towards the canopy to shorten the distance.
  3. Tighten the caps to lock the lamp in place.

The light bar position ranges from 6.54” out to 9.26” and you can change the light position quickly.

Now that the light is aimed where you need it, let’s choose the color temperature.


How to operate tunable white function with your light switch

The Alta Vanity Light allows you to change color temperature from 3000K Warm White, 4000K Cool White, 5000K Daylight with its tunable white capabilities.

To operate the Tunable White function:

  1. Turn on the light.
  2. Flip the switch OFF then ON (in less than 6 seconds) repeatedly until you reach the desired CCT. The lamp will cycle through the color options as you make the selection.
  3. Your favorite color temperature is now locked in place.
  4. Want to change it? Repeat these quick steps.

Our LED vanity light includes a memory function. Once you set the color temperature and turn off the light switch, the light will automatically save that choice. When you turn on the light again, the same color temperature selection will appear. Simply cycle through the CCT options when you want to change it again.

Like all Sunco Lighting LED products, we test our products for optimal performance and safety. This light fixture is ETL certified.

It is backed by our industry leading warranty. Click on the “Details” tab or the “Specs” tab on the product page to view warranty coverage on any of our products. The Alta Vanity Light is covered by a 5-year warranty.

G25 LED Vanity Light Bulbs

Already have vanity lights in place? Sunco has vanity replacement bulbs with low wattage LED options and styles to suit your needs.

Our G25 LED Bulbs feature a soft, bright light that’s ideal for makeup artists, salons, and home vanities. Choose from:

  • G25 LED Bulb – Dimmable with a 25,000 hour lifespan and E26 base. Wet rated for indoor use in vanities and chandeliers. 6W LED is a 40W equivalent.
  • G25 LED Bulb, Filament – Retro styling that is dimmable and instant on. Great for pendants and store window lighting, too, with its E26 base. Wet rated for outdoor lighting, bathrooms, and kitchens.
  • G14 LED Bulb – Compact with an E11 candelabra base. Suitable for indoor decorative lighting, pendants and chandeliers, along with vanity lights with E12 sockets. Like G25, this is dimmable and instant on.
  • G25 LED Smart Bulb, WiFi – Control your vanity lights with your voice or an app over WiFi. Just like the G25 LED Bulb, yet with more high tech abilities, including: scheduling, color wheel selection, color temperature (tunable white), music sync abilities. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


Whether you want to install a new Alta Vanity Light fixture or replace your existing vanity bulbs with low wattage LED light bulbs, Sunco has the options you expect.

We’re also happy to share that more selectable CCT products are coming soon to Sunco Lighting. Sign up for our newsletter to get notified about new products and our sales.

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