Types of LED Recessed Lighting and Downlights


The Sunco collection of recessed lighting and downlights features four types:

  • Cans - Remodel or New Construction
  • Disk - Surface mounted with a J-Box and fits in a can
  • Slims - with J-Box included, some are integrated into the fixture
  • Retrofit Downlights – Choose from Gimbals, 4” or 5/6” with Smooth or Baffle Trim


Since all our recessed cans and downlights are IC rated, they can be safely used in attics surrounded by insulation.

Each type of downlight listed above provides you with different features. Here is an overview so you can quickly compare them.


Sunco Recessed Cans: Remodel & New Construction

We offer two types of IC Rated recessed cans to suit your varied mounting needs:

  • New Construction – This recessed can secures to open framing with bar hangers (before you install drywall). It works with both joist ceilings and suspended ceilings.
  • Remodel – Already have a ceiling, but want to add downlights? This recessed can secures to your ceiling drywall or plaster with metal remodeling clips.

Both types include a TP24 connector so you can add your LED downlights inside. A J-Box is included with both recessed can styles. On the New Construction Can, the junction box is secured close to the can. On the Remodel version, the J-Box is attached to the can with a remodel bar. The Remodel is a linear approach to allow you to easily insert the J-Box into your precut hole in the ceiling, then secure the can. A Remodel can offers you the ability to add a can, without redoing your entire ceiling to accommodate one.

Recessed cans are just that: the can. No LED is included. Simply pair each can with whichever Retrofit Downlight, Slims or Disk Downlight suits your unique project and you’re ready to go.

Be sure to check out our product FAQs on recessed lighting for more details about insulation, hole sizes for Remodel Cans, along with other helpful details.


LED Disk Downlights

Sunco’s popular LED Disk Downlights are designed for a streamlined, clean and modern look with frosted covers. Available in 15W and soon in 12W, these Disks are versatile and install quickly.

There are two mounting options to suit any project. Sunco Disks are compatible with:

  • Cans – Easily adjust to 5” or 6” cans with the spring clips
  • J-Box Surface Mounted Technique – Use the provided holes to adjust to different sized J-Boxes

The Disk includes a TP24 connector and spring clips, plus wire nuts and screws. You’ll need to add your own J-Box or recessed can in order to complete the setup. With a J-Box added, the entire thing is super streamlined. You can fit it in narrow ceilings with ease.

Prefer to get all the parts at once? We get it. Try our Slim Downlights instead.


Sunco Slims: The All in One Modern Downlight

Our All in One Slims provide you will everything you need to install now. We aren’t kidding when we say these things install fast. It’s really easy. We installed them quickly when creating our product videos for you (coming soon!). Don’t believe us? Check out the install manuals.

These slim profile downlights fit where others won’t. They only need a 2” minimum clearance for the J-Box.

What’s included? J-Box, wire nuts, spring clips, and the LED with trim.

What don’t you need? No can required.

There are two kinds of Sunco Slims with various sizes and styles:

Sunco Slims feature sturdy springs on the side to hold your downlight in the ceiling. They fit soffit to double drywall ceilings. Since they don’t have a large can inside your ceiling, you can cut a hole on either side of a joist and still add your downlight. The clips Slims fit where a can can’t.

What if you want to keep your recessed can in place and add an LED downlight to it? Sure, we have those, too. Check out the Retrofit Downlights described below.


Retrofit Downlights

If you have a home or office with outdated downlights and want to upgrade to LED downlights, but don’t want to take out the existing recessed cans, you want Retrofit Downlights or the Slims mentioned above.

Choose from these Retrofit Downlights:



Since these are all designed to fit in an existing can, they include a TP24 connector and an E26 adapter. That way you can add these retrofits to cans with either a TP24 or a socket.

Also a fast install, Sunco Retrofit Downlights secure to the can with spring clips.

What’s the difference between Smooth and Baffle Trim?

Smooth – The slick nature of this trim style is designed to maximize beam spread for your recessed lights due to its smooth and reflective surface.

Baffle – The uniformed groove texture on our baffle trim style helps minimize glare and creates a softer, more diffused light beam.

Sunco Retrofit Downlights upgrade or overhaul your existing cans in a quick and easy fashion. Sometimes you have a deep recessed can and just want to swap out the bulb so you can reduce your wattage consumption.


I Need an LED Bulb For My Recessed Cans

Don’t want to upgrade or use retrofits? Able to swap out your outdated bulbs for an LED instead? You may want Sunco LED BR Bulbs.

Not sure? Check out our Difference Between PAR and BR Bulbs blog or our Understanding Bulb Shapes blog to learn more.



Have specific questions about what suits your project? Check out some of our hypothetical downlight scenarios and a helpful recessed lighting comparison chart in our previous blog about downlights. Remember, you can always contact our helpful Customer Service team with additional questions about our recessed lighting collection.

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