5 People You Should Gift Sunco’s New Portable/Rechargeable Table Lamp


Gift giving. It’s one of the most popular of the five love languages, falling just behind quality time and just ahead of sharing the remote. And while the holiday season has long passed, do you really need it to be a special day to give someone a present? These small “I saw this and thought of you” gestures are a simple way to make someone feel loved, especially when the gift you’re presenting them with is really cool.  

Say for example, Sunco’s newest and trendiest product: a portable and rechargeable table lamp that utilizes viral, flexible filament technology.  




So, What’s the Big Deal?  

I’m glad you asked! This new lamp is a great way to elevate your space with its sleek, futuristic design, combining style and functionality. It can hold a 9-hour charge, making it perfect for illumination on the go. For those of you looking for the tech specs, the lamp operates at 55 lumens and features a 2700 Kelvin Color Temperature, giving off a warm glow that’s perfect for creating a calm atmosphere.  

With a three-step dimming capability, Sunco’s new product accommodates any atmosphere, with 10% brightness, 100% brightness and a breathing mode. One of the most unique features about this lamp, however, lies in its flexible filament technology.  


Shaking Things Up 

The coolest thing, in my opinion, about Sunco’s newest product is its use of flexible filaments as the source of its light. The elasticity of these filaments is what gives this light character, as they are designed to mimic the vintage style of visible-filament lights, but with a twist (literally). 

Give this lamp a shake and watch the light inside do a little dance. The filament can fall in any curvy position, giving this sleek design a quirkier feel. Ready to get back to business? Flip the lamp upside down to straighten out the filament and watch it reconnect to the top of the glass like magic. (Just kidding, it's a magnet). Magnets are basically magic, right? 




These neat little lamps are not only stylish and unique, but they are also incredibly useful, making them a perfect gift for just about anyone in your life. Here are five people who would absolutely live this lamp:


 1. The College Student  

Gen Z is slowly becoming the trendiest generation when it comes to finding stylish and innovative ways to decorate their space. These teenagers and early twenty-somethings are combining moody maximalist features into a sleek and modern space. As they set out to upgrade their dorm or childhood bedroom, Sunco’s portable and rechargeable table lamp is the perfect sendoff gift for the college student in your life who could use a relaxing and bright desk light for after those long lectures.   


2. The Camping Enthusiast 

We all have a friend who likes to spend their summer nights laying out under the stars, enjoying the beauty of nature. This flexible filament is perfect for campers, as it can hold a charge for about 9 hours and is fully portable, meaning they have a bright light for their adventures.  

The 2700 Kelven color temperature is also perfect for nature excursions. According to a study done by REI Co-op, cooler temperatures actually make environments appear sickly or unnatural, imparting a sense of uneasiness. Instead, they recommend a very warm color temperature, stating that 2700K LED is ideal. The 2700K temperature offers a very soothing and natural tone that mimics the warm, comforting glow of a campfire. 




3. Your Stressed-out Partner  

Valentines Day is fast approaching, and instead of gifting your partner something cheesy or cliche, throw in one of these bad boys and immediately bring your gift from just alright to super bright. Chocolates, flowers, a teddy bear (yawn) but then...what’s this? A very cool, super hip table lamp? Immediate Valentines Day upgrade.  

Your hardworking partner could finally retreat from the harsh, cold blue light of their computer or office, and opt for something that is a proven stress reliever, especially on the eyes. According to Phycology Today, warmer lights are proven to reduce eye strain and create a calm, relaxing environment. And with Sunco’s added breathing mode, the subtly pulsing light is also perfect for meditation.  



4. Gift exchange/White elephant 

It’s not a competition, but it kind of is—who can bring the best present for the gift exchange? No one says it outright, but everyone collectively knows whether or not a gift is good. Sunco’s newest product is the perfect item to bring to one of these parties, be it with family, friends, or even coworkers. The best part is that this item is affordable enough to fit the standard “under $30” budget, while still looking expensive. People will be fighting over this gift all night, and when someone says, “Wow this was such a good idea? Who brought this?” you can feel like the unofficial winner of the party.


 5. Yourself, of course!  

Because hey, you deserve it! You work hard and that merits you show yourself a little bit of love. This portable lamp would make a stunning addition to your home office, your creative space, and even your bedside table. The warm light is perfect for winding down or getting into a cozy, creative headspace.  


Take it with you for those middle of the night bathroom trips so that you can light your way without disruptions. Set it to breathing mode to do a bit of mindful breathing before a stressful day. Or use its 10% dimming feature as a nightlight to keep the monsters away while you sleep (Note: this product is NOT equipped with genuine anti-monster technology). 

Whatever you choose to use this lamp for, the possibilities truly feel endless, and we know it’ll be a hit with any crowd. Be one of the first to hop onto this new design trend by visiting Sunco’s website and picking one up today!  

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