Understanding Bulb Shapes


LED light bulbs use the same shapes and styles as traditional bulbs. You will find familiar light bulb silhouettes are available when you shop LED bulbs which feature lower power consumption and longer lifetimes compared to outdated light bulbs. Each style is designed for specific lighting applications and use cases. Explore the styles below and Sunco’s product offerings to learn more.


Sunco Lighting offers these bulb types:


Remember that a bulb type has nothing to do with its base size. Bases can vary from narrow to wide with a screw type base, a bi-pin, or even a twist-lock mechanism. There are also different specialty bulb styles such as: Dusk to Dawn, Yellow Bug Light, Filament, Motion Activated, and LED Smart Bulbs. For this blog, let’s focus on the bulb shape and style only and save the LED tubes and base types for another day. You can explore Sunco’s specialty lights on your own.


A-Series bulb shapes are the image most people have in their minds when they think about a light bulb. A-Series are similar to an inverted pear in size and outline. These bulbs are used as standard household bulbs in a variety of light fixtures.

This style is based upon the traditional look of what people commonly refer to as an Edison bulb. Although LED technology does not need the same glass shape bulb (and often is now made of plastic to help with bulb longevity), nor does it need the retro filament look (as no gasses are involved), the familiar shape is still used by all LED manufacturers.

The “A” stands for arbitrary. It usually features an E26 standard screw type base.

Lighting Applications:

A15 LED Light Bulb - Ideal for refrigerators and cold environments, along with being suitable for fans, signage, appliances, decorative lighting. It can withstand temperatures as low as 4°F!

A19 LED Light Bulb – This is a household bulb for indoor fixtures that also works for restaurants, bars, and office desk lamps.

A21 Ultra Bright Light Bulb – This bulb features a bright 2550 lumens! These bulbs are suitable for ceiling fans, lamps, household, and office light fixtures.


The “B” stands for blunt tip. B11 bulbs are also referred to as candelabra bulbs. They mimic a candle flame, but without curves or waves at the tip. Most feature a narrow E12 base.

Lighting Applications:

B11 LED Candelabra Bulb, Filament and B11 LED Smart Bulb, WiFi – Great for chandeliers, candelabra fixtures, wall sconces, modern ceiling pendant fixtures, and other decorative light fixtures with an E12 base.

BR-series bulbs are considered as directional flood lights. The “BR” stands for Bulged Reflector. They provide a wide beam spread for wall washing or to cast a wide pool of light in a room.

Sunco BR LED light bulbs include a bulged reflector on the side of the housing to increase light output. You will also notice the bulging shape above the socket base when examining the bulb. This internal reflector redirects downcast light to the front of the bulb.

Lighting Applications:

BR-Series – provide the best wide angle illumination for downlights, recessed cans, and in hallways or above kitchen counters.

  • BR20 – Fits in 4” cans
  • BR30 – Fits in 5” or 6” cans
  • BR38 – Fits in 6” cans

“G” is for Globe in the G-Series bulbs, due to the globe like shape of the bulb. These bulbs work well in exposed or open fixtures where the globular shape of the bulb can visually enhance a space and provide a wide beam spread.

Lighting Applications:

G14 LED Bulb – Features an E12 base and is ideal for vanities, chandeliers, wall sconces, dining room fixtures, and pendant fixtures.

G25 LED Bulbs – These bulbs include an E26 base for vanity mirrors/makeup application, desk lamps, pendant ceiling fixtures, and modern chandeliers.

PAR LED light bulbs include a parabolic aluminized reflector. The reflector in PAR bulbs redirects downcast light to the front of the bulb in a highly directional beam.

Sunco PARs are designed to be spotlights to allow you to direct light at a specific area. Ranging from a narrow spot of 30° for our PAR20 up to 40° for our PAR30 and PAR38, these bulbs generate direct light with softened edge shadows.

Lighting Applications:

Depending on their size, PAR LEDs are ideal for track lighting, exterior landscaping, uplights for trees or sculptures, and as downlights in recessed cans.


PAR20 LED Bulbs –Ideal for architectural lighting on artwork/wall features/sculptures with an E26 base. The wet rated bulbs are good for bathroom or kitchen ceiling fans and protected landscape downlights or spotlights.

  • 40° beam angle spotlight
  • Fits 4” cans

PAR30 LED Bulbs – Great as an accent light or to highlight specific room features. Fits E26 base light fixtures. The wet rated bulbs are ideal for bathroom or kitchen ceiling fans and protected landscape downlights or spotlights.

  • 40° beam angle spotlight
  • Fits 5” or 6” cans

PAR38 LED Bulbs – Ideal replacement bulb for ceiling downlights, large rooms, walkways that require brighter light. Fits E26 base light fixtures.

  • 40° beam angle spotlight
  • Fits 6” cans


Check the tech specs for moisture ratings to see which are damp or wet rated. Want to know more about damp or wet rated lights? Check out the blog on Choosing LED Damp vs. Wet Rated Lights.

If you still need clarification regarding the differences between PAR vs. BR bulbs, check out our blog.

The shape of the ST64-Series bulb is based on the Edison style clear glass bulb from the early 1900s with the modern technology of a filament inside. The “ST” in this series name refers to straight tubular. Our version features LED on the exposed filament in the bulb. Choose this light bulb for a retro look or a vintage atmosphere.

Lighting Applications:

ST64 LED Bulb, Filament (includes standard and a Dusk to Dawn!) – Ideal for exposed light fixtures and string lights. CRI90+ makes this light for patios, restaurant exterior lighting, and makeup application. Wet rated! Use it outdoors for nighttime weddings or parties. Place it in an open or exposed light fixture for the best way to set off the bulb.

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