New Product: Slim Gimbal with Selectable CCT


Introducing our new recessed lighting solution for accenting artwork, highlighting architectural elements, or installing downlights in vaulted ceilings. Our dimmable Slim Gimbal with Selectable CCT includes a junction box, adjustable LED, and the ability to choose color temperature with a simple slider on the j-box. It includes adjustable features that allow this light to adapt to your needs.

If this were a car commercial, we might describe it as fully loaded, but we’ll let you decide if we’ve beefed up our popular Slim to satisfy your needs.


Fast Install with Included Hardware

Your time is valuable. We get it and have found a solution to help with our All in One Slim product line. Our Slim Gimbal with Selectable CCT is a fast way to upgrade your lighting in a finished ceiling with the added ability to change color temperature.

When you install multiple downlights or have a large job with downlights in a residential or commercial space, you want a fast and easy installation process. Sunco’s thin profile, Slim LEDs include all the hardware you need. These downlights come with a junction box, LED gimbal downlight, wire nuts, and a twist connector to power the LED without a lot of wiring. They also include an adjustable optic.

With an IC rated junction box that includes knockouts, this downlight does not require a recessed can. It fits soffit to double drywall ceilings. You can install our Slim Gimbals in narrow ceilings since the j-box is less than 2” tall.

The spring clips on each side of the LED secure it to your ceiling. A smooth trim offers a streamlined look for nearly any décor.

The adjustable features of this downlight may interest you.

Select Color Temperature

During the install process, you can choose from 5 color temperatures to control the light quality. It’s easy to change color temperature during the install process with the simple slider on the junction box.

Choose from warm to cool light for your preferred look and feel. Control your room’s atmosphere by sliding to one of these color temperatures:

  • 2700K Soft White
  • 3000K Warm White
  • 3500K Warm White
  • 4000K Cool White
  • 5000K Daylight

Remember, the lower the temperature, the warmer the look, the higher the temperature, the cooler the look.

We recommend using the same white light color temperature with multiple fixtures in a space. This makes your room lighting feel uniform instead of jarring. You can test each CCT to find the one that’s right for you. Warmer light is suitable for welcoming and calm spaces, while cool temperatures are ideal for task lighting.

If you are unfamiliar with the term CCT, it is an abbreviation for Correlated Color Temperature. That’s how the lighting industry discusses the scale of warm to cool light that makes up the Kelvin scale (which we use to measure color temperature).

Unsure which color temperature works for you? Learn more in our blogs: Real World Examples of Color Temperatures, Color Temperature Applications and Kelvin Levels Explained, or take a deep dive with The Color of Light and CCT.

Tuning color temperature is not the only thing you can adjust, you can also point the light where you need it with our integrated Gimbal LED optic.

Adjustable Optic

You can adjust light position when you tilt or swivel the Sunco Slim Gimbal to aim the light where you need it. Our gimbal downlights offer the ability to swivel a full 360° or tilt up to 35° to point the wide beam of light at artwork, at statues or other architectural elements. Best practice is to adjust the gimbal optic after your light is installed in your ceiling.

With a 90° beam angle, you can strategically place this slim profile downlight to accent design elements. The gimbal downlight is suitable for vaulted ceilings and angled rooflines.

There is one more adaptable feature of our Slim Gimbal LED.

Dimmable Light

The smooth dimming capability of this downlight allows you to modify room brightness as your needs change throughout the day. Pair the Sunco Slim Gimbal recessed light with a compatible dimmer to adjust your lighting from bright to dim (10%-100%). You can find a compatible dimmer list in our support tab alongside the easy install manual and technical specifications.

Dimmable lights work well in multi-purpose rooms or live/work spaces where you need to modify the lighting to adapt to the changing needs of how the room is used.

Lighting Applications & Sizing

Sunco’s Slim Gimbal suits many lighting applications for residential or commercial spaces.

Install this damp rated light indoors in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, conference rooms, hallways, lobby or waiting rooms, along with protected outdoor areas like porches, covered balconies or patios.

Since it is dimmable, you can use this gimbal LED in presentation spaces where you still need some lighting in the meeting room, but it should not interfere with a multimedia presentation. The dimming aspect is also helpful in restaurants or bars where you want subtle highlights on your wall art without it glaring too much.

Choose from 3”, 4”, or 6” sizes to fit your space:

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