New Product: BR30 LED Bulb with Selectable CCT


Adjust the look and feel of your space by changing light quality. Our BR30 LED Bulb with Selectable CCT allows you to change color temperature without an app by using an easy switch on the bulb. It’s the same great BR30 LED Bulb from Sunco Lighting, but with choices added.

Select Color Temperature

The color selector on the side of this light bulb base is super easy. Just slide it to tune your BR30 LED Bulb to your preferred white light color temperature. Choose from these 3 CCTs to change the light quality in your room:

  • 2700K Soft White
  • 3000K Warm White
  • 5000K Daylight

Why do you want different color temperatures? Selectable white light lets you control the atmosphere of a room, sometimes referred to as look and feel.
Simply slide the slider switch on the LED light bulb to change the light quality and cycle through warm to cool light.

What is CCT?

CCT is an abbreviation for Correlated Color Temperature. It is how the lighting industry discusses the scale of warm to cool light that makes up the Kelvin scale. We use this scale to measure color temperature so consumers like you can compare lights and know what atmosphere will be created by the CCT you select.

You can choose one of the two warmer color temperatures for a welcoming, comforting light quality (2700K is closest to candlelight) or choose 5000K Daylight for sunlight-like white light, which is ideal for tasks and alertness. Remember that the warmer the light, the lower the temperature and the cooler the light, the higher the temperature.

Let’s explore the other light bulb features.

Low Watt, Dimmable Flood Light

This 11W LED bulb provides 850 lumens of brightness It is comparable to a 65W light bulb. Swap out your outdated and high wattage 65W bulbs for 11W BR30 LED Bulbs. This dimmable flood light produces a soft edge shadow on each pool of light.

Pair it with a compatible dimmer and you can dim or brighten the light to suit your needs.

Very Wide Beam Angle

The 110° beam angle provides a wide pool of light to cover a large space. These bulbs are great as downlights in recessed cans.

Fits 5” and 6” Recessed Cans

BR30 LED Bulbs fit 5” or 6” housings. Simply screw the E26 base into your 5” or 6” recessed can. Remember to switch the color temperature setting to select the light quality you want as you install it, since you’re probably using a ladder to screw in the bulb.

Adjustable color temperature is an ideal solution for several types of lighting applications in your home or office.

Lighting Applications

This is an ideal light bulb for multi-purpose rooms in a modern home where your needs change frequently. Use it in your combined living room/kitchen space inside recessed cans as downlights. With Selectable CCT, you can set the kitchen area to be bright task lighting and then dim the living space for a more comfortable atmosphere. This will define the spaces for how you use them.

With their E26 base, our BR30 LED Bulbs fits most household fixtures and office desk lamps. They fit most swing arm floor lamps and side table lamps. You can adjust the CCT to suit how you use a room or change the look throughout the day.

You can learn more about how to decide which color temperature is right for you by looking at our Real World Examples of Color Temperatures blog.

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