Halloween Light Safety with Dusk to Dawn, Smart Bulbs, and Solar Path Lights


Halloween can be fun for all, yet insurance companies alert that crime related insurance claims jump from 20-24% on the day of Halloween and more when Halloween falls on a weekend. Insurance companies recommend that homeowners can reduce the chance of crime in a residential neighborhood by maintaining or adding exterior lights at night. This is especially true on Halloween. Home burglaries are the largest statistical increase across the nation on that day.

To improve home security during the fall, when the sun sets earlier, along with incorporating safety lights in your upcoming Halloween holiday celebration, add Dusk to Dawn LED lights to your home. Sunco also offers Smart Bulbs and Solar Path Lights as alternate forms of automatic lighting and decoration.

Dusk to Dawn lights can help maintain the safety of children in your neighborhood as they Trick or Treat near your residence in their scary monster or superhero costumes, since your walkways and driveway will be illuminated with automatic lights, even before you get home.


Automatic Dusk to Dawn Lighting

Create the illusion your house is occupied, even when it is not, with D2D lights. No timer is needed for Sunco Dusk to Dawn lights to turn on at night. The photocell sensor in our Dusk to Dawn LEDs will detect light levels and automatically turn on the light when it gets dark, then turn the light off when light levels are detected again. These clever lights activate on their own, so you can run that last minute errand after work and still have exterior lights on when you return after dark.



D2Ds are ideal as you prepare to celebrate Halloween and need to illuminate your home’s exterior when the sun sets. Just plug in your D2D light, then turn on the light switch. The photocell sensor does all the work for you when the sunlight fades.

In outdoor lighting applications where waterproof lights are a must, choose Sunco IP65 wet rated LED light bulbs with D2D capabilities.

Select from these Dusk to Dawn bulbs:

  • For exterior, recessed can downlights or for landscape lighting Sunco offers PAR LED bulbs, all of which are Dusk to Dawn (with choice of 2700K to 5000K color temperatures).
  • Our popular ST64 LED Bulb, Filament, Dusk to Dawn is available in 2700K Soft White with a high CRI 90+ for accurate color and texture.
  • The 7600 Lumens LED Wall Pack (80W, D2D, 5000K Daylight) will brightly illuminate your exterior building walls and automatically turn on/off.

Didn’t know we sold bare bulbs? Our LED Filament Bulbs feature a clear glass bulb with a durable LED filament inside to replicate the vintage look of Edison bulbs. Ideal for patios, porches, and chandeliers, Filament LEDs also work well in wall sconces by your front door for decorative lighting. Bright illumination can help with the safety of both your home and your Halloween visitors. These bulbs turn on the absence of light and then off again when the light returns, just like our other Dusk to Dawn bulbs.

Dusk to Dawn are not the only automated light bulbs in Sunco’s portfolio.  


Smart Bulbs for Security and Decoration

Home security experts often suggest using LED Smart Bulbs for security purposes. With Smart Bulbs, you can simulate someone moving from room to room, even when you are not there by programming lights to turn on/off in a sequence. Keeping curtains closed at night is a good idea also, since potential burglars can see everything in your home with interior lights on and darkness outside.

LED Smart Bulbs are also a great addition to your Halloween decorations. You can light up a walkway with over 16 million color choices (spooky orange or a deep purple, perhaps?), choose to brighten or dim the amount of light your bulb emits, sync your lights to music on your smartphone over WiFi with an app, or turn on/off the light on a set schedule.

Add an artful spotlight or a colorful wall wash with LED Smart Bulbs to enhance your Halloween decorations. We sell multiple bulb shapes and base types to fit your needs indoors and outside. Light up your garden walkway or your Halloween graveyard with LED Smart Bulbs or some of our other decorative and specialty lights.


Solar Halloween Pathway Lights

Add flare to your walkways without distracting from your creatively designed Halloween decorations and yard lighting by installing a discreet row of Sunco Solar Path Lights and Garden Lights. Our Round and Square Path Lights are low profile stake lights, so you can add them next to walkways or along pathways where costumed children might walk to reach your front door on Halloween. The solar panel will sit flush to the ground. You can then provide a brightly lit safe passage for kids on one side, yet still have your lawn of spooky decorations in low light on the other.

Sunco Solar LED Path Lights are solar powered lights. They fully charge after 6-8 hours of direct sun and can produce 8-10 hours of bright, consistent light. Since you can choose color temperature, you can select a warmer look of only 3000K or a brilliant cool light at 7000K, depending on what your yard requires. Learn more about The Color of Light & Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) in our blog.

These garden LEDs include batteries and provide 30,000 lifetime hours to light up the night.

The included batteries recharge in full sunlight, so be sure that these lights aren’t hiding under plants or trees where the sun won’t reach them. In addition, remember that Dusk to Dawn LED lights will not activate when lights are already on nearby. The photocell sensor will detect available light levels to determine when to turn on, rather than turn on at a set time.

If you prefer control over your lights, stick with our LED smart bulbs. While you are considering the lighting around your home or business, make sure you also consider side entrances or dark walkways and how you can safely light them for the holiday and beyond. Burglars do not always enter via the front door. Don’t invite them to try a dark side entrance, add bright light instead.


Safely Light Exterior Walkways, Driveways & Alleys

Solar Path Lights and Dusk to Dawn PARs are one way to decoratively illuminate a walkway in a variety of color temperatures, but what if your Halloween yard decorating is minimal and you prefer brighter lights for safety reasons or want lights you can use all year long? Sunco will soon sell an LED Wall Pack 80W Dusk to Dawn light appropriate for this application. Details about the light are available now to help you plan this light into your exterior light upgrades.

The commercial grade aluminum housing of Sunco’s Wall Pack 80W D2D includes anti-leakage silicone gaskets for IP65 waterproof conditions. This reliable unit is ideal for driveways, parking lots, alleyways, and exterior walls. Just like the other Dusk to Dawn lights we sell on SuncoLighting.com, this durable Wall Pack includes a built-in photocell sensor to automatically light up in the absence of light.

Also, Sunco PAR lights are ideal for recessed cans and downlighting on covered exterior walkways. We offer PAR Dusk to Dawn LEDs to help provide safety lighting as neighborhood trick or treaters walk through your yard decorations to reach your door.


Deter Crime with Automated Lights

Bright driveways and alleys are a necessity to not only deter crime but to also provide safer passage for pedestrians. Leaving a home dark to show children seeking candy that you are not home or not answering the door on Halloween is standard, but turning off all your lights can sometimes cause safety concerns for children who ignore that hint. A dark home can also roll out a welcome mat for criminals, especially when you extinguish all your exterior lights on Halloween. If you think Dusk to Dawn lights are not enough help in either of these scenarios, you can mount motion activated lights in select locations.

Sunco offers an A19 light bulb that is motion activated and suitable for most porch light fixtures:

Sunco motion activated lights turn on and remain on for 25 seconds after motion has stopped.


Provide safer walkways for your Halloween visitors and deter crime by providing automatic light at night with Sunco LED Dusk to Dawn lights, Smart Bulbs, or Solar Path Lights. Don’t forget that Smart Bulbs can be programmed to turn on/off at specific times or sequences. They are also ideal for decoration with many color choices, and color temperatures. Learn how you can Upgrade Your Lighting with Smart Bulbs in our other blog.

If you want to learn more about Color Temperature and what CRI means, you can check out our Lighting 101 section of the site.

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