5 Dusk to Dawn Sconces for Building Exteriors

Sunco Dusk to Dawn light fixtures offer many benefits:
  • • The convenience of Automated Lighting
  • • Beautiful & Versatile Designs
  • • Improved Security & Safety
  • • Quick Install
  • • Many Lighting Applications
  • • Longevity / Waterproof / Wet Rated

What Does Dusk to Dawn Mean? Are Dusk to Dawn Light Fixtures Convenient?
Dusk to Dawn refers to the ability of a light fixture to turn on automatically when the sun sets (at dusk) and to turn off again when light returns (at dawn). Dusk to Dawn fixtures, like our Sunco Dusk to Dawn Wall Sconces, include automated sensors to regulate when the bulb turns on/off.
Photocell Dusk to Dawn sensors on our wall sconces detect light levels. They turn on the light when light is absent and turn it off when light is detected. All you have to do is flip the switch to power the light fixture. The sensor determines when the light will automatically turn on/off.
The convenience of our Dusk to Dawn wall sconces is that you can quickly install these exterior light fixtures without adding any timers or using complicated apps. Your automated lighting is ready to go the minute you install it and power it on. No more navigating app menus or remembering to flip the switch before you leave. Your home or office exterior is brightly lit every night, whether the building is occupied or not.
These light fixtures are not only practical and high tech, they are also appealing.

Choose From 5 Beautiful and Versatile Designs
Sunco Dusk to Dawn Wall Sconces with their matte black finish are available in 5 different styles to suit your décor from modern to vintage. Some of these sconces come with LED light bulbs and all will accept either LED or traditional incandescent bulbs.
Our waterproof Dusk to Dawn Wall Sconces include:

Avalon Caged Wall Sconce with ST64 Filament Bulb, Dusk to Dawn

  • • Sleek design with retro styling
  • • Comes with an ST64 LED Filament Bulb (2700K, CRI90+, 800 lumens, non-dimmable, E26)
  • • Clear glass panes
  • • Rust-resistant, metal frame
  • • Accepts LED bulb max 9W, incandescent bulb max 20W


Babcock 2-Light Caged Wall Sconce, Dusk to Dawn

  • • Suspended wall lantern
  • • Rust-resistant, wrought iron frame
  • • Clear glass panes
  • • 2x sockets for E12 base candelabra bulbs
  • • Accepts LED bulb max 6W, incandescent bulb max 40W


Cambria Caged Wall Sconce, Dusk to Dawn

  • • Vintage inspired wall lantern
  • • Clear glass panes
  • • Rust-resistant, wrought iron frame
  • • E26 socket accepts LED bulb max 9W, incandescent bulb max 60W


Dakota Caged Wall Sconce, Dusk to Dawn

  • • Victorian style sconce
  • • Seeded glass lampshade
  • • Rust-resistant, wrought iron frame
  • • E26 socket accepts LED bulb max 9W, incandescent bulb max 60W


Eaton Caged Wall Sconce, Dusk to Dawn

  • • Arts & Crafts design
  • • Steel mesh panes
  • • Rust-resistant, wrought iron frame
  • • E26 socket accepts LED bulb max 9W, incandescent bulb max 60W

Try pairing these with popular LED Filament bulbs for an instant, vintage look. Alternatively, choose a bulb with more lumens for a brighter, safety light.

Wall Sconces Offer Improved Security & Safety
Bright lighting outside buildings at night can be a crime deterrent and improve building security. Since our Dusk to Dawn fixtures turn on/off automatically, you can rest easy knowing that your building exterior is lit all night, even when no one is there.
Security is important whether you are lighting a hotel or office building exterior where workers and guests might walk at night or if you are illuminating your home, condo, or apartment complex. With sconces lighting your pathways, alleys, and walls, there are no more dark patches to hide in. This adds to the safety of your property with brightly lit walkways.
Since these sconces are also beautiful, they can enhance the styling of your exterior spaces. It also does not take long to install these practical lights.

Quick Install with Included Mounting Gear
Sunco 120V Dusk to Dawn Wall Sconces can be installed in just a few simple steps with the included mounting equipment. Simply follow our easy instructions on each installation manual.
Already have a wall light in place and converting to something that accepts LED? These waterproof light fixtures secure to your junction box for a fast wiring connection in any outdoor space.

Wall Sconces Present Many Lighting Applications
Sunco Dusk to Dawn Sconces are designed for outdoor use with their auto on/off photocell sensor. Since these sconces include high tech Dusk to Dawn technology, you wouldn’t want to use them inside or they would be on 24/7. Instead, mount them as an outdoor lighting solution.
You can use these wall lights on walls to brighten walkways or alleys, secure on garages or near open parking spaces, and light up pathways throughout a school, hotel, or hospital complex with inviting and automated light. Choose the style that’s right for your situation.

Waterproof and Wet Rated for Longevity
The waterproof and rust-resistant frames on each of these Dusk to Dawn Sconces add to the longevity of these exterior fixtures. Each of the matte black metal fixtures, whether wrought iron or durable aluminum will stand up to the rigors of outdoor use.
Sunco includes a 5-year warranty on these sconces so we’re not just tossing out the word longevity at you. We proudly stand behind our products.

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