Microwave Motion Sensor for Linear High Bays

Sunco Microwave Motion Sensor for Linear High Bay is an optional accessory that is easily installed and adjustable to suit each application. With DIP switches and the ability to provide an automated occupancy sensor to illuminate warehouse, gym, office or commercial space, this motion sensor can reduce energy consumption and save money on power bills. The sensor detects motion from 50ft max height to a 30ft max radius. The install manual provides instructions on how to use the DIP switches.

Microwave Motion Sensor for Linear High Bays

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  • Sunco Microwave Motion Sensor is designed for Linear High Bays to provide an occupancy sensor or motion activated high bay light fixture. This high-quality and damp rated sensor delivers long-lasting motion activation on area lights. It has a 25,000 hour lifespan, runs on 100-277V power and offers a 20ft maximum detection radius. Use the DIP switches to adjust settings to suit your needs in any large warehouse space like the one shown here.
    Advanced Motion Technology. Using Passive Infrared technology (PIR), this occupancy sensor detects a change in infrared radiation levels (heat generated by people or animals) then turns on the light automatically. After motion stops, the light turns itself off within a set timeframe. Select times, sensitivity, and duration with the DIP switches. Image shows a warehouse with woman and a pallet jack. Linear high bay light fixtures hang from chains. Shows max height 50ft and max radius 30ft.
    Adjustable Settings. Easily adjust Standby Time (up to 60 minutes) with the DIP switches. After people leave, lamp will switch off once elapsed Standby Time ends. Also choose sensitivity range (50ft maximum height to a 30ft maximum radius). All DIP switch combinations are in our simple install manual. Savings. Extend the life of your High Bay. Turn lamp on only when the room is occupied. Reduce light when people leave. Great for warehouses where only select regions need light at a given time.
    Designed for Sunco's LED Linear High Bays, this sensor detects movement to automate lighting in your gymnasium, office, or other commercial space. Use this occupancy sensor to illuminate the light only when necessary. Our long-lasting LEDs use less power and have less harmful chemicals than traditional lighting options. We support a green initiative with our Sunco Cares program through charitable donations to worthy conservation organizations.
    Occupancy sensor accessory. Easily adjust settings via DIP switch combinations.
  • Microwave Motion Sensor for Linear High Bays Specifications Download Specs
    Wattage N/AW
    Voltage 120-277V
    Lumens N/ALM
    Wattage Equivalency N/A
    Dimmable Dimmable
    Dimming Details 0-10V Dimming
    Moisture Rating Damp
    Operating Temperature -40°F-158°F
    Lifetime 25,000 Hours
    Switching Cycles >30,000
    Warranty 5-Year
    Range Motion sensor ranges from 50ft maximum height to a 30ft maximum radius for optimal sensitivity.
    Power Type Hardwired
    Sensor Details See install manual for full details about motion detection and how to set DIP Switches.
    Motion Sensor Yes
    Sensor Type Yes, Radar Photocell Sensor
    Certifications UL, FCC
  • ● MOTION ACTIVATED - Designed for the Sunco LED Linear High Bay, this convenient, easily installed motion activated sensor detects movement to automate lighting in your gymnasium, office, or other commercial space. Use this occupancy sensor to only illuminate the light when necessary. Great for safety purposes in a warehouse or large storeroom or for security to detect movement after hours. 

    ● INCREASE ENERGY SAVINGS - Attached motion sensor turns on your light only when you need it to reduce your wattage consumption. Light will dim to standby level you choose (0/10/30/50%) when people leave the detection area, then switch off automatically after your set standby time has elapsed. 

    ● ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS - Motion sensor ranges from 50ft maximum height to a 30ft maximum radius for optimal sensitivity. You can change Lux, hold time, standby light, and standby time, along with sensitivity distances. Easily adjust sensor settings with DIP switch combinations described in our install manual. 

    ● CERTIFIED - We uphold the highest standards for all our products by testing each product for optimal performance and safety. Backed by UL and FCC certificates. 

    ● BENEFITS - 5-Year Warranty. Sunco is proudly based in the USA, offering quality products at affordable prices backed by industry-leading warranties and knowledgeable support specialists.


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