Sunco Lighting Inc. (“Sunco”) guarantees that our Products (Sunco-branded merchandise) will be free from any defects caused by poor materials or workmanship, and will maintain at least 70% of their original brightness as stated in Sunco’s specifications, for a specific number of years after the purchase date. This warranty applies as long as the terms and conditions of the agreement are followed. To know the exact warranty coverage of a specific Product, please refer to the Product’s description page.

Sunco provides a warranty for its Products as follows:

 Warranty Period  Products
 1 Year  Solar Path Lights, Goof Rings, Emergency Lights
 3 Years  Wall Sconces, Exit Signs, Dimmer Switches
 5 Years  Bulbs, Tubes, Recessed Cans, Ceiling Fixtures
 7 Years  Recessed Lights, Shop Lights, Ceiling Panels, High Bays, Shoeboxes, Wall Packs, Step Lights, Vapor Tight Fixtures


Sunco offers a Warranty Period during which a full or partial refund, store credit, or replacement Product (same or similar) may be provided. Please note that customers outside the continental US will need to pay for shipping expenses. The Warranty Period begins from the date of purchase, and Warranty Claims are only approved if the Product has been used in accordance with the instructions in the Product’s manual or Sunco’s website.

It’s important to understand that the term “replacing the Product” doesn’t cover any removal or reinstallation costs, including labor or shipping costs for returning the product. If a Warranty Claim is approved, Sunco may require the Product to be returned, and the customer may need to pay for return shipping.

Sunco reserves the right to determine the validity of any Warranty Claim and reject any claims suspected of misuse, abuse, or dishonesty. If a Warranty Claim is approved, it is up to Sunco’s discretion on how to satisfy it, which may include a refund, replacement Product, or credit for future purchases.

If a Warranty Claim is approved, Sunco reserves the right to take certain actions, which may include:

  • Charging a shipping fee for replacement Products in connection with the Warranty Claim.
  • Requiring the return or donation of the Product subject to the Warranty Claim as directed by Sunco. This is a condition of approval for the Warranty Claim.
  • Requesting additional information from the customer, such as the condition of the Product, usage of the Product, and installation method. Additionally, Sunco Lighting Inc. may ask for photos and video of the Product to help assess the Warranty Claim

Any Warranty Claim is subject to the following additional conditions, without limitation:

  • The Product has been installed and operated in accordance with Sunco’s instructions.
  • The Product has not been subject to accident, neglect, abuse, misuse, or acts of God.
  • Adequate records of operating history are kept and available for inspection by Sunco. (Sunco may accept or reject the validity of such records at its sole discretion.)
  • The Product has been purchased directly from Sunco or a Sunco-authorized distributor/retailer.
  • An original purchase receipt for the Product is available for inspection by Sunco.
  • A Sunco representative may inspect the failed Product to determine the cause of failure. If necessary, other Sunco or authorized representatives may be brought in to evaluate the lighting system, ensuring all potential causes of the failure are identified and addressed appropriately.
  • Any alterations to our products will result in a voided warranty

This Warranty is limited to Products purchased for use in regions that are within the jurisdiction of the United States and Canada.

The warranty and remedy provided in this agreement do not cover Products, parts, advice, assistance, or services that Sunco provides as a business courtesy to a purchaser. Additionally, the warranty does not apply to any Product that is used in violation of applicable standards, codes, or instructions for use, such as those specified by Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (UL) or the American Standards Institute (ANSI), or in Canada, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).


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