Waterproof Bulbs

Our wet rated LED bulbs offer commercial grade outdoor lighting for added security in driveways and yards. They suit exterior applications such as gardens, porches, and patios along with kitchens, bathrooms. The high tech Sunco ST64 LED Filament Bulb is IP65 rated with the popular Edison bulb style. The durable and robust design of these high output, low wattage bulbs offers long life and energy savings. Choose from PARs to B11 Candelabras and more. Some waterproof bulbs include Dusk to Dawn sensors to automate your exterior lighting on porches or in landscaping.

This dimmable and IP65 rated Sunco Lighting PAR38 LED Bulb offers a bright 1050 lumens in a narrow spotlight for accenting architectural features or landscaping in outdoor lighting, due to its wet rating. Includes an E26 base to fit 6-inch recessed cans and most outdoor security dual light fixtures. The narrow spot light beam of 40-degrees allows you to highlight specific areas of your home interior or exterior lighting. Also great for commercial buildings, flag poles, and signage.

PAR38 LED Bulb

Sunco Lighting

3 reviews

Long life 13W is equivalent to 100W. Waterproof and dimmable.

The Sunco Lighting PAR20 LED Bulb with its E26 base is waterproof for outdoor lighting applications. The dimmable bulb works great for spotlighting trees, signs, or sculptures in your landscaping, along with highlighting architectural details. This 7W bulb is a 50W equivalent to help reduce your electric bills when compared to a traditional light bulb. Inside you can use it for highlighting paintings, artwork, or architectural details as a track lighting or recessed lighting solution.

PAR20 LED Bulb

Sunco Lighting

6 reviews

Waterproof PAR20 LED for garden, kitchen or bath. 7W bulb equivalent to 50W.

Sunco Lighting PAR30 LED Bulb with an E26 base is dimmable, IP65 rated so it is wet rated for outdoor use. Ideal as a spotlight with its narrow 40-degree light beam. This is an 11W bulb that is a 75W equivalent. This lamp is wet rated as an exterior lighting solution or you can use it in wet areas inside like your bathroom or kitchen. PAR spot light bulbs are great in recessed cans as downlights for task lighting inside or to highlight landscape features and architecture outside.

PAR30 LED Bulb

Sunco Lighting

3 reviews

Long life 11W PAR30 LED equivalent to 75W. Waterproof and dimmable.