Energy efficient lights only tell part of our story.


Energy efficient lights only tells part of our story.

Focusing solely on LEDs as an energy efficient alternative to traditional light bulbs tells only part of the story. Our mission to support a sustainable future naturally evolved into an aligned program we call: Sunco Cares.

The Sunco Cares initiative merges our efforts through:

Our Mission

is to exceed customer expectations – with reliable LEDs, affordable pricing, and exceptional service – while our eco-conscious company also endeavors to create sustainable solutions for a brighter tomorrow.

Developing Eco-Conscious Products

Sunco Lighting LED light bulbs consume less wattage than traditional light bulbs (up to 85% more efficient!), so you use less power. You can reduce energy costs and save money by swapping out traditional incandescent bulbs and replacing them with low wattage LED bulbs to improve your office or home energy efficiency. Our A19 LED features a 60W equivalency, but only consumes 9-watts. That’s quite an energy savings!

Let’s examine the popular Sunco ST64 LED Filament Bulb to breakdown costs for you. Our ST64 is a bare bulb with a retro look, similar to an Edison light bulb. The comparison below uses an average of $0.11 per kWh, just like the standard Lighting Facts label.

Looking at power consumption, the ST64 Filament is comparable to a 60W halogen lamp. As you can see above, the 8.5W Sunco LED bulb is more energy efficient than a 60W traditional bulb that delivers the same look.

Streamlined Packaging

Sunco recently changed our packaging on our Downlights. The included junction boxes are now located below the Slim LED lights in our packages. The previous box had additional cardboard to separate everything. This resulted in the use of less cardboard and created less waste for the consumer.

Bypassing the Ballast

Our T8 LED Tubes are Single Ended Power (SEP) and do not require a ballast. That means you can stop replacing the ballast on your existing shop lights – which fail frequently – and you will also conserve energy. While ballasts only consume a few watts, consider how much your bill will increase when you have hundreds of linear light tubes in an office building that use ballasts. Simply bypassing the ballast already makes your office space, retail building or warehouse more energy efficient.

Here is yet another reason to switch from outdated fluorescent tubes to a T8 LED Tube: on average, a fluorescent T8 needs to be replaced 3.33 times compared to (1) LED T8 Tube.

Supporting Conservation Charities

Sunco makes charity donations quarterly to worthy conservation organizations. Your purchase of Sunco Lighting products helps us support a larger green initiative at home and abroad through the work of the charities we select to receive our donations.

To spread our impact around, contributions are made quarterly to a variety of charities.

Offset Carbon Emissions

While your switch from outdated light bulbs to LED light sources is a step in the right direction by reducing energy consumption, there are many ways to offset the carbon footprint of your home or office’s energy consumption.

To further offset your environmental impact, you can donate to worthy causes or you can purchase personal or corporate carbon offsets from companies who will use those donated funds to support a sustainable lifestyle via programs that create sustainable energy or reduce greenhouse emissions. Purchasing offsets is a good way to compensate for the necessities we rely upon that cannot be removed from our everyday lives.

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