Germicidal UVC Lamp

The Sunco Lighting Germicidal UVC Lamp includes a remote control and 3 mode settings (30-, 60-, 90-minute). This Ultraviolet light offers reliable surface disinfection to clean surfaces. It is 99.9 percent effective to render viruses, bacteria, and mold spores sterile. Effective coverage of 65 square feet. Ideal for hospitals, dental offices, schools, hotels, offices, and common areas where ultraviolet light will be used in conjunction with other cleaning methods. Image shows remote and lamp.

Germicidal UVC Lamp

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  • The Sunco Lighting Germicidal UVC Light offers 99.9 percent efficacy, an auto shut-off for protection, a delayed start so you can leave the room, and 3 time modes. It also includes a remote control, a 360-degree beam angle, a 10,000 hour lifespan and only runs on the low wattage of 36W of power. Image shows Sunco’s UVC light on in a bedroom.
    Surface Disinfection. The Sunco antibacterial UVC lamp offers 360-degree coverage of Ultraviolet light with 99.9 percent efficacy to clean surfaces from viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. It produces short wave UV radiation (typical irradiance 253.7nm). A remote controller is included with 3 time setting modes available. UVC light can inactivate DNA and RNA microorganisms to render them sterile and unable to reproduce.
    User Friendly. Examine manual for full details. 1. Place UVC light on a table or floor to operate it. Plug it in. 2. Select corresponding button (on remote or unit base) to set sterilization time. 3. When the corresponding time signal lamp flashes and the countdown 20 second alarm sounds, step away. Prevent exposure to UVC radiation. Do not look at UVC light when illuminated. UVC is harmful to skin and eyes; it should never be used on people, pets, or plants. Leave area prior to use.
    Protection Modes. If there is a moving person or object close to the radiation area (within 10 feet or 120 inches), the UV lamp will detect the movement and enter a protection mode, shutting off the device. Also includes a delayed start. A 20 second countdown alarm gives you time to leave the room before the cycle begins. Image shows a closeup of the lamp along with an image of the UVC lamp in use in a living room. Sunco is American owned and operated. We are proudly based in the USA.Remote operated, reliable disinfection with 99.9% efficacy to clean surfaces.
  • Germicidal UVC Lamp Specifications Download Specs
    SKU GL01-36W-1PK
    Wattage 36W
    Voltage 120V
    Beam Angle 120° and Cleaning Angle: 360°
    Dimmable No
    Operating Temperature 4°F-104°F
    Lifetime 10,000 Hours
    Warranty 1-Year
    Material Housing: Plastic, Glass
    Included Components UVC Lamp with Cord, Remote Control
    Certifications FCC, RoHS
    Battery Included: CR2032
    Compliance CA Prop 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
    Working Time See Installation Manual for use instructions.
    Moisture Rating Damp
    Efficacy 99.9%
    Typical Irradiance 253.7
    Mercury Free No
    Power Type Wall Plug-in
    Mount Type Freestanding
    Motion Sensor Yes
    Sensor Type Yes, Radar Photocell Sensor
  • ● RELIABLE SURFACE DISINFECTION - This UVC lamp offers 360° coverage of Ultraviolet light with 99.9% efficacy to clean surfaces. Exposure to UV-C Ultraviolet light renders viruses, bacteria, and mold spores sterile. With no irritating odors like liquid cleaners, this Germicidal UV Lamp has an effective coverage of 65 square feet and features a 10,000 hour lifespan. Ideal for medical settings, schools, nursing facilities, hotels, government buildings, and offices. UVC sanitation is designed to be used in conjunction with other cleaning methods.

    ● HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - This 36W UVC lamp with germicidal abilities features a durable quartz housing on a stand. It produces short wave UV radiation (typical irradiance 253.7nm). Runs on 120V and includes a plug.

    ● WITH REMOTE & 3 TIME MODES - This lamp is operated remotely to protect you from harmful UV light. You can exercise caution and remotely turn on/off the lamp then set the length of time the sanitizer UV-C lamp will function. Choose from 30-, 60-, or 90-minutes based on room size. Remote is paired yet can be rematched.

    ● SAFETY - Exposure to UV light can damage skin and eyes. Do not use on people. Use the included remote and remove all people, pets, and plants from room prior to use. Remote use is recommended. For your convenience, a 20 second countdown begins after activation for a delayed start. The UVC light will enter protection mode and turn the light off (a radar sensor failsafe) when the radar sensor failsafe is activated by movement of a person or animal within 10ft (120”) of the product. NOTE: SENSOR IS HIGHLY SENSITIVE, CAN DETECT MOTION BEHIND DOORS. OPTION TO DISABLE SENSOR.

    ● BENEFITS - 1-Year Warranty. Sunco is based in the USA, offering quality products at affordable prices backed by industry-leading warranties and knowledgeable support specialists.


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