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Sunco’s handcrafted Himalayan Salt Lamp can create a peaceful and calm atmosphere with its warm amber glow and the added benefit of therapeutic effects. Salt lamps can improve air quality in your home bedroom or office, absorb vapor from the air, boost mood, reduce stress, and much more. An ideal gift for family or friends.

The Sunco Lighting Germicidal UVC Lamp includes a remote control and 3 mode settings (30-, 60-, 90-minute). This Ultraviolet light offers reliable surface disinfection to clean surfaces. It is 99.9 percent effective to render viruses, bacteria, and mold spores sterile. Effective coverage of 65 square feet. Ideal for hospitals, dental offices, schools, hotels, offices, and common areas where ultraviolet light will be used in conjunction with other cleaning methods. Image shows remote and lamp.

Germicidal UVC Lamp

Sunco Lighting

Remote operated, reliable disinfection with 99.9% efficacy to clean surfaces.