Brighten Your World with an A21 Ultra Bright LED Bulb


Sunco’s A21 Ultra Bright LED Bulb consumes only 22W and is a 150W equivalent. It produces a whopping 2550 lumens! That bulb brightness is why we added “ultra bright” to the bulb name.

At first glance, A21 LED bulbs are not much different than an A19 LED bulb. They both feature an upside down, pear shape, include an E26 base, and can be relied upon as a general household bulb. However, this truly is the 150W replacement LED that you’ve been seeking to update your incandescent and HID bulbs.


“A” Bulb Shape Family

The A-shape bulb was the earliest popular bulb for household purposes and is what people picture when someone says: light bulb. The “A” bulb shape remains the one most used by homeowners for living room lamps, closets, vanities, ceiling fans, ceiling fixtures with multiple bulbs, and enclosed porch lights.

The A21 is the tallest “A” bulb shape in the Sunco lineup and is only slightly larger in diameter (about 2 5/8” for an A21 and 2 3/8” average for an A19 bulb). We also offer the A15 LED Bulb for appliances and other compact bulb fixtures and the A19 LED Bulb Dusk to Dawn. Because of the similarity to these bulbs, the A21 Ultra Bright LED will fit in most light fixtures for household uses. They are also great for tabletop light fixtures in an office or living room, along with replacing overhead lighting in your ceiling fans.

A21 bulbs offer good heat dissipation, due to their slightly larger size. Some heat is generated by these bulbs. However, the larger bulb diameter and height helps to regulate that effectively.

Our A21 LED bulb includes only a slightly larger form factor than our A19. Be sure to check how much room you have in enclosed ceiling lights or other covered light fixtures. This is especially true when replacing a light bulb in a fabric lampshade or one lined with a plastic insert form.

Not only is the A21 a great replacement bulb for your traditional incandescent bulbs it packs a big punch in brightness.


Why Color Temperature Choice and Lumen Count is a Big Deal

Our A21 Ultra Bright LED is a 150W equivalent, meaning you can replace am E26 base 150W incandescent or HID bulb with this one. It should be noted that traditional A light bulbs produce only around 450 to 800 lumens. Though some manufacturers provide LEDs that produce up to 1600 lumens, our A21 Ultra Bright LED by comparison delivers a bright 2550 lumens. That’s a considerable difference in brightness!

When switching to LED light bulbs, replace every incandescent/other traditional bulbs in a single light fixture, instead of leaving the ones that still work. You don’t want to mix LED light bulbs with other bulb types in the same fixture. Don’t replace only one or two bulbs and leave the rest, though some may still have life in them. Incandescent bulbs and LEDs have different power needs. The combination of both in the same light fixture can cause issues with performance, because incandescent bulbs draw more power and can cause the LEDs to flicker.

In addition, the light quality can vary between traditional light bulbs and LED light bulbs. Even if you could mix the two types in the same light fixture you wouldn’t want one side looking yellow/amber and the other looking bright white due to varied color temperatures.

Color choice is especially important when you are choosing warmer or cooler color temperatures than what you had in place before. Incandescent bulbs are typically a warm color temperature. With our A21 Ultra Bright LED you have the choice of 2700K Soft White (the most similar to incandescent), 3000K Warm White, or 5000K Daylight.

If you have light fixtures with multiple light bulbs in it, using our A21 bulb will brighten your room considerably. Not only will this bulb brighten your world, it will also reduce your power usage.


Reducing Energy Consumption

Since the A21 Ultra Bright LED is a 150W equivalent, but only consumes 22W, you can reduce your energy consumption when you replace outdated and power hungry incandescent bulbs with this A21. Most A-shape bulbs consume about 40W to 60W of power. Since this one uses only 22 Watts, you save a good amount with each bulb you replace. The savings adds up.


Let’s look at the cost savings on an individual A21 LED bulb:

At 11 cents per kWh, Sunco 22W A21 bulbs use $60.42 of electricity over their 25,000 hour life, giving you $351.58 in savings when compared to the $412 required to run a 150W halogen lamp.


You can easily examine energy consumption with the handy Lighting Facts labels. Want to know more about that? Check out the Quick Links in our footer.

Mitigating high power consumption is important not only to those focused on energy efficiency, but it also saves you money and time. With a 25,000 hour bulb life on average (compared to the average life of an A19 at 1,000 hours), you can save considerable amount of money and time by not buying and replacing the bulb up to 25 times compared to a single LED.


Our durable A21 LED bulb is flicker free and features instant on, bright light. Smoothly dim this A21 bulb or brighten your room with its 2550 lumens of light. Like all of our bulbs, Sunco proudly backs this bulb with certificates, including Energy Star, UL, FCC, and RoHs certificates. It also features a 5-year warranty that you can extend an additional two years.

Share with us on Social Media (see footer for links) about how you are using our A21 Ultra Bright LED bulb. We’d like to hear about the sort of savings you achieved when you made the switch to LED. Tag us @suncolighting or #suncolighting.

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